Surveys (Online and Outbound)

Do you know what products and services your customers are excited about? Which products and services may be old hat?  What is the best price point for your new product or service?  How you can differentiate your company among the competition?

Customer surveys are a valuable tool to gauge your customers’ ever changing needs and demands.  At Contact One Call Center we offer companies the ability to conduct customer surveys using live, professional, and courteous call agents.  Outbound call agents are specifically trained for your campaign and are dedicated to that campaign providing a focused and professional service tailored to your company’s demands.

By using Contact One Call Center’s state of the art telephony and call center resources we can customize and perform customer surveys to help your company stay on top of the competition by surveying your customers to find what really drives their decision making.

Contact One Call Center can call your customers daily, weekly, monthly or as often as your company desires.

With Contact One Call Center’s customer survey service your company will be confident that you are doing everything possible to keep your company on top and your competitors at bay.