Medical Answering Service

Contact One Call Center has provided telephone answering support both during and after hours for the medical profession for over 50 years.  Our staff understands the demanding nature of medical calls and the urgency with which they must be treated.  Whether your office needs call support for the lunch hour or after hours, you can rest assured that our agents will project a professional and courteous image to your patients.   

Contact One Call Center understands that the gathering and transmission of correct information is essential for the medical professional to be able to perform at their best.  Contact One Call Center utilizes customizable scripts and databases based on the particular medical professional’s needs that allow us to control the phone call to ensure the proper information is taken.  Once taken our agents follow the medicals professional’s clear and concise directions on how to deliver the call.

On Call Information

Contact One Call Center represents a large pool of medical professionals and we understand that on-call information is essential to the successful delivery of important calls.  We have dedicated administrative staff for the input of medical on-call information that we provide free of charge provided the on-call information is monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly and received no later than 3 pm on any given Friday.  We are able to provide daily call out on-call or daily faxed on call for an additional charge.


Contact One Call Center can also provide an optional service known as auto-attendant.  The auto-attendant is a scaled down IVR (Interactive Voice Response) that is most commonly utilized to allow patients the option of leaving a message for non-urgent calls or pressing 0 to reach a live operator.  This benefits the medical professional by screening costly non-urgent calls and thus lowering the amount of live agent time used.







See What Contact Ones Agents See

Custom designed interface can include features to increase accuracy

Special programming can help agents get required information for special calls

Detailed delivery instructions guide the operator in correct dispatch of messages

Time-sensitive on call schedules prevent errors by displaying only current on call

Database with speed-dial assist operators in accurate delivery

When a name is selected from the database only that person's information and instructions are displayed

Interface includes a special area for temporrary instructions

Caller ID is included on every message to reduce errors