Application Processing

Are your business processing costs through the roof?


We can analyze the way you process applications and give you suggestions based on our industry experience to help you increase your turnaround times, improve the quality of how applications are being processed, lower your costs and improve the accuracy of your data. 


Time is of the essence, and we realize that consumer expectations vary by the industry, but the one thing that holds true for every industry is the speed at which you can give your potential customer an answer.  The faster your response time, the quicker they can make a decision regarding their application.  Contact One Call Center can help!



·         Claims Processing

·         Credit Cards (Visa, MC, American Express, Discover, Debit, ATM)

·         Insurance (Auto, Home, Life)

·         Loans (Auto, Home, Personal, HELOC, Small Business)

·         Mutli-Level Marketing

·         Network Marketing

·         Specialized Employee Applications

·         Time Share