24/7 Answering Service

Telephone Answering Service is quality service that allows you to forward your company's phones to Contact One Call Center to insure your company's phones are answered by a live person.  After answering your company's calls in a courteous and professional manner, Contact One Call Center will collect the information that is important to you and then deliver that information to you in the manner that best suits your company.


When you sign up for Telephone Answering Service (or TAS) with Contact One Call Center we provide you with a customizable template that allows you to decide the answering phrase, the information you want collected from callers, and how you want that information delivered to you.  Your company decides when calls are routine or urgent and directs Contact One Call Center how to handle each; when to escalate and when to take a message. 

Contact One Call Center charges by the amount of actual live operator time consumed rounded up in thirty second increments.  Charging by the actual amount of live operator time consumed is, we believe, the most economical way for your business to be charged.  Charging by the amount of time consumed allows those who take less information to be charged less while allowing those who prefer more information to gather that information in a relaxing manner rather than have your clients or potential clients feel hurried.

Additional options are available including reporting, voicemail, custom greetings, call patching.


Our telephone answering service allows you the ultimate in flexibility by allowing you to decide when and for how long your company will utilize the service.  Set your phones to automatically forward to us every business day at 5 pm and we are here ready to answer them for you.  Only want to utilize the service for a couple of hours a day?  Forward your phones to us during your company's lunch hour and we will make sure your company does not miss a beat, or an important call.  Don't want to incur the cost and headaches of hiring a staff member to answer your phones?  Just forward your phones to us and we will answer them for you all day everyday for a fraction of what it would cost to have a full time employee.

Plus, with available service options such as call patching, voicemail, voicemail to email, and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) you can customize the flow and presentation of the service to suit your company.  All of this combined with numerous delivery options will help you create a professional and efficient answering service to serve your company.


Contact One Call Center provides a point of contact for your customers when your company is unavailable.  Through the use of a shared service, companies like yours are able to have 24 hours a day 365 days a year support without the expense of full time employees.  Whether your customers call with an urgent call needing immediate attention that only a live agent can provide, or just a customer with a routine call, you customers will enjoy knowing they are getting a live agent to talk to when they call and will distinguish your company in the market place. 

Whether Contact One supports your overflow calls during busy seasons, or handles your company's calls on a daily basis our service allows you to use your time more efficiently.  With Contact One someone will always be there to answer your calls and be available to help your clients or potential new sales.